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The following are some of the anesthesia services we provide:

Anesthesia for Surgery

Childbirth and Labor Pain Relief (Obstetrical Anesthesia)

Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery

Anesthesia for Pediatric Patients

Regional Anesthesia

Sedation Anesthesia

Additional patient education resources may be found in our Resources section.


Welcome. We developed this patient guide to help provide you information to better understand the practice of anesthesia from a patient's perspective and to provide you meaningful information to discuss with your GAS anesthesiologist in planning your anesthesia care. This guide has two major components: a frequently asked question (FAQ) section and a patient resources section. The FAQ section is a compilation of common clinical questions we have had in our practice. The patient resources section contains useful handouts for anesthesia questions (ambulatory surgery, labor and delivery anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia and others) prepared by the American Society of Anesthesiologists as well as links to more anesthesia web resources. We will continue to upgrade our website with new information in the future.

Financial questions can be answered in the Billing and Insurance section. If you have further questions, you can discuss them before surgery with your GAS anesthesiologist or contact us by e-mail (info@groupanesthesia.com) or call us 24/7 at (408) 354-2114.

Disclaimer: Information on this site is provided as a service for GAS patients and physicians and is intended solely for educational and professional use by GAS. Specific medical care should be determined by the patient and the physician and the information contained in this website do not represent specific recommendations of GAS physicians. Patients with known or suspected medical conditions should be under the care and supervision of an appropriate medical professional. If immediate medical care is needed and this is an emergency please call 911.


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